Wish me luck....

Our family's summer project has been to redecorate the teacher's lunchroom at our elementary school. In September we will begin our last year at this school after 10 years with children as students in the school.  I volunteered our family for the project with funding primarily by the pto as well as several donor families.

I am very nervous to begin the install tomorrow.  We painted last month and I think several folks are nervous about where this project is going.  I promise them it will all be fine and then panic when I get home.  I created the plan with the interior designer I work with so I have a strong, and talented, backing.  The vibe is farmhouse comfortable with a contemporary flair.

The curtain was the first thing to go....

I still haven't figured out why it extends about 12" from the window...

And the paint colors were next.  Here are a few before photos.

The wall across from the entry door is filled with a bulletin board, refrigerator and coke machine.  We had all of these items moved to the entry wall (see above) so they aren't what you see first.

The dark blue on the cabinet wall fights with and draws more attention to the ugly cabinets.  The cabinets aren't going anywhere so we had to work around them.  We chose a palate that helps the cabinets disappear.  I also bought a console table for the 2 new microwaves and toaster oven so there is some counter space.

I was trying to work in the chairs and then I heard they weren't a favorite with our teachers so they are out.

I had hoped to replace the hardware but of course they aren't a standard size.  I brought them home, cleaned them up with some Barkeepers and will reinstall tomorrow.

This was our inspiration (fabric is by Robert Allen and paint by Sherwin Williams)....

The budget was $1500 which had to be stretched like Gumby! I needed to buy a table, 12 chairs, dishes, silverware, mugs, comfy chairs, curtains, paint and decorative accessories.  Ikea was my go to source, as well as consignment and thrift stores, in order to work within the budget.

The fabric will be made in to a curtain and combined with the curtain panels and used together on a double rod.

Our principal made only a few requests....one was for one long table rather than multiple smaller round cafe tables and the other was for a cozy corner.  I took my helpers (aka: my children) with me to an estate sale.  They made it such a fun outing.  We found these fabulous wicker chairs in the garage and decided they would be just right for the comfy corner.  The custom made cushions are comfortable and the exact color for our color palette.  $75 each and a few more $ for a spray paint touch up and we were set.

Our inspiration fabric looks great with the wicker chairs as well as with the 4 turquoise chairs we found at a consignment store. We will mix the 4 turquoise chairs with 8 white chairs around a wooden table to help the budget.  The turquoise chairs were 4 for $55 while each white chair was $45.

 The painting took 4 - 1/2 days with 2 of us painting each day. I'm not a great painter and I have never been happier to have a paint project finished.

We painted a lilac on the cabinet wall to help the cabinets blend.

The main walls are SW Hearts of Palm.  The fluorescent lights are making it BRIGHT!  I think the paint is getting mixed reviews but I feels sure that it will be tempered when the furniture and curtains are installed.

 We have really made it a family project and hopefully the children learned a little something in the process about estate sale shopping, project management and hard work!

Wish me luck for tomorrow and cross your fingers that it all comes together and looks like the vision I have in my head!  I feel like there are several moms ready to pounce in case I don't succeed.  More after photos will follow :)


Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...


I'm sure it will be fabulous! Can't wait! And how grateful those "other moms" should be that you and your family took this on!

Lori said...

Oooh, can't wait to see after pics, I hope it turns out even better than you thought!!! What a great family you have to help you out with it!!

Maureen said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. What an wonderful thing you've done for those teachers.