Lilly P Warehouse Sale

How on earth did the Lilly P warehouse sale sneak up on me this year?  The fact that it is sandwiched between and on Buddy and Hubby's birthdays AND all the end of year hoopla must have me terribly distracted.

In fact, the sale starts on my hubby's birthday....isn't my shopping at the warehouse sale a fabulous gift for him????

For years I used to plan my schedule around the warehouse sale. I hosted sleepovers of girls from Baltimore who came to town for the sale.  We slept a few hours and then left the house in the wee hours of the morn to get in line for the sale.  That was all before it started at 5 am!

There have also been years where I lined up the day before to get a number to  come back and shop the next morning.  In fact, I was even late getting back on the morning of the sale and was scoffed at by the employee at the door.  What was I thinking to hit the snooze button on the morning of the warehouse sale?

And here it is the day before the sale and none of that has crossed my mind until now.  I am losing sleep about taking the summer off of my job and leaving it in the very capable, and very young, hands of an intern.  How lucky am I?  A part time job that gives me the summer off to be with my children!

I will make an appearance at the sale and will of course fill you in on the details.  I'm just not sure when I will get there but rest assured it's not 5 am on my husband's birthday!

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Kate said...

be with your children and sleep in. how much Lilly does one person need? enjoy your summer!