Lilly P Warehouse Sale 2013

The Lilly P warehouse sale is always worth going to as you never know what you will find!
However, it's not worth getting in line on Monday (with your tent, chair and air mattress) for a sale that starts on Thursday!  People do that....can you believe it?

I ran over to the sale after a field trip to a stream - gross. I promise I didn't try anything on!  I spent the least amount of $ ever and bought a few things for friends, one or two for myself and nothing for Sweet Pea. It's a first - she is so tall and slender at 9.  Anything long enough was too big around the torso and anything that fit in the torso was an inappropriate length.  She was very understanding and a good sport - she really needs nothing anyway.

These tote bags were $29.....bought 2 for mom and 2 for a friend.

I kept finding squares in this fabric bundled together and decided to keep picking them up until I figured out what they were.  I am so glad I did because they are napkins!  Set of 4 napkins for $20.  I learned there were tablecloths on my way out the door.  I did a loop around and found a stray tablecloth in the 2nds department - I was so lucky!

 I love this blue eyelet tunic.  I bought it full price in February for a dear friend who needed a pick me up.  She discovered that her husband of 16 years, and the father of her 5 children, had been cheating on her for the past 12 years with multiple women and in long term relationships.  It's such a mess and I wish Lilly Pulitzer could make it all better.  It can't but an armful of shopping bags on her birthday can help her forget, even if just for a minute.

I love the shirt so much that I bought her and was thrilled to find it at the sale for a fraction of the price at $59.

Christmas stocking for Sweet Pea for $9.99

 The hottest items that had people jumping when I was around were the tablecloths and coolers. I was able to score one cooler bag and that was only because someone in line was second guessing their decision to buy the cooler and I was the first to offer to take it off her hands!  Lucky me!

There were lots of sorority bags, scarves and picture frames.  I always love the sale and had fun looking for treasures.  Thanks for recapping with me.

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